JQL Search Blank fails to clear on browser.back with some history in Jira 9

Encountered a bug while preparing for the Jira 9 release. In some circumstances the JQL query doesn’t change as it should when using the back button in Google Chrome or Apple Safari.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. In a new tab, navigate to ${jira_base_url}/issues
  2. Enter any query, such as assignee = admin
  3. Hit enter. You should see the results of the query.
  4. Clear the query and hit enter. You should see the results of a blank search.
  5. Refresh the page
  6. Enter the query again and hit enter
  7. Click Chrome’s back button
  8. The URL changes to something like “${jiraBaseUrl}/browse/ISSUE-123?jql=”, but the JQL input blank still contains the old query (assignee = admin).

This bug appears reproducible in both the list view & the detail view.

There may be other scenarios that can produce this problem, those were just the simplest steps I could take to reproduce it. It seems most likely to come up if someone is editing & re-running a query, then wants to go back to prior query.

This was reproduced using the 9.0.0-m0011 build with Jira Service desk 5.0.0-m0011 installed.

I can confirm that for several versions of Jira 8 (8.5 and 8.13, 8.22), this does not occur, so I’m reasonably confident that this bug is new in Jira 9.

I cannot reproduce this bug in Firefox. This may well also affect Microsoft Edge, since that’s based on Chromium.


Hi, @jcarter thanks for reaching out and letting us know about this issue.

We have tried to reproduce the issue on multiple devices using different versions of Chrome (99, 100, 101), however, we couldn’t reproduce it.

Could you please share more details of your setup?

  • What’s your OS?
  • Chrome version?
  • What is the occurrence factor on your end?

Would you mind recording a video of you reproducing the issue?


Sure, @mmarzecki!

UPDATE: Here’s a video of the above steps to reproduce. I had to upload it to Google Drive because CDAC doesn’t permit video file uploads, but this link should be public. jira_9_jql_search_history_issue.mov - Google Drive

What’s your OS?

OSX Monterrey, 12.3.1 (21E258)

Chrome version?

101.0.4951.54 and 101.0.4951.64 (used in the video made today)

I also reproduced it with Apple Safari, 15.4 (17613., btw.

What is the occurrence factor on your end?

Sorry, I’m not sure what this means. Can you elaborate?
EDIT: If you mean, “Does this occur reliably for you, or is it intermittent?”, then the answer is that I can consistently reproduce it with the steps above, as evinced in the video.

100% - always.

Thank you for the details and the video! I really appreciate it.

I found it hard to reproduce the issue, nonetheless, I managed to do it. I have created a public issue on your behalf, please add yourself to the watchers’ list and stay tuned for future updates.


Cheers, Mateusz.