JQL search fails with empty sprints

We’re seeing an issue with Jira Expressions - it appears when a sprint is empty and we’re trying to evaluate the following query we get a misleading error. We’ve also swapped to using the issue search API as well as trying the request as the user who requested the route on our Connect server and both still error.

(issue.property[EAP-increment-field].current.id IS EMPTY OR issue.property[EAP-program-field].current.id IS EMPTY) AND (issue.property[EAP-schedules].tags ~ i_1370_tr OR cf[10007] in (328, 327, 326, 325, 324, 323))

One of those sprints has no issues in it, and the error we get is:

Sprint with id 328 does not exist or you do not have permission to view it.

However, that sprint does exist, and when we run the search as the user or via AP.request it works, yet it fails from the Connect app server.

We also can’t reproduce this outside of our production Jira Cloud instance with empty sprints, so clearly something else is going on but the error goes away as soon as an issue is scheduled into the sprint.

Have you seen an error like this before? Any suggestions on how we could work around this?


Hi @satvik, thanks for sharing this.
At first glance I don’t think we faced such a problem before.
Could you please create a ticket in the Developer Support with the details so this issue can be investigated?

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