jqlAutoComplete endpoint response change

Hi community,

We are currently testing the latest EAP release (9.15.0-EAP01) against our app.

We provide jql autocompletion using a component that fetch data from

We noticed that this endpoint response change in this version from a String to json with slight modifications. Was there any anouncement we could have missed regarding this change.

I couldn’t find anything in the changelog.

Thanks for your insights !


@mkemp I think you can help us?


Sorry, I was on holiday. I’ve passed this to the Jira team. I’m not sure, but it could be a bug in our own migration to REST v2.

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Please keep us informed.
We made a modification to be compatible in both cases (before 9.15 and 9.15 or higher).

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@FabienPenchenat it was a bug, since 9.15.0 this endpoint is fixed and has response type application/json

Thanks for your answer, we appreciate :+1: