Jquery libraries from Google inside Express plugin

Hello everyone,
The Atlassian Connect Express framework comes around with the layout.hbs file which loads some jquery libraries from Google:

But this is not GDPR compliant. Can we use some other libraries inside the plugin, or is there some workaround about this topic?

Hi Ivana,

You can simply adapt the layout.hbs file to load jQuery from your hosted app or remove it completely if your app does not need it. That really is one of the big advantages of Connect – you can build almost everything you want and how you want within the apps’ iFrame.

Still, I would encourage Atlassian to make an update to ACE to simply any loading of CSS or scripts that could get a developer in GDPR trouble.

Hope that helps,


Thank you @osiebenmarck for the response, I did it that.
I delete all calls to the third party services like Google and load jQuery from the app inside and it works.