JSD Customer portal custom implementation

Hi all
I’m new in JSD custom development and I took over some implementations from my coleague that left our company.
We have custom plugin for Jira Service Desk which updates customer portal. It works on JIRA Core 7.1.2 with JSD 3.1.10. We upgraded to JIRA Core 7.12.3 with JSD 3.15.3. Our custom implementation for customer portal doesn’t work on this version.

Problem is that we have javascript defined module:

define(‘unicorn/jao/servicedeskaui’, [‘servicedesk/jQuery’, ‘exports’], function ($, exports) {

and on new version we get error: No servicedesk/jQuery, in javascript console when customer portal is loaded.

I found that JSD 3.1.10 batch.js contains:

/* module-key = ‘com.atlassian.servicedesk:jQuery’, location = ‘/vendor/jquery-AMD.js’ */
define(“servicedesk/jQuery”, function() {
return jQuery

But JSD 3.15.3 batch.js doesn’t contain it.

Does anybody can help me?