JSD Java Rest Client

Hello together,

is there a java rest client available for JSD?

I also wants jave expert for my website. If anyone here please reply me.

You can generate your own client for whatever language you want from the JSD swagger/openapi definition and by using a tool like OpenAPI Generator.

I don’t know where or if Atlassian publishes this swagger definition, but you can build it from the JSD source code that’s available with your license. If anyone from Atlassian would care to provide a link to the JSD server swagger.json file on the web site it would be much appreciated.

To generate the swagger definition from JSD source code… Edit servicedesk-parent-pom/sd-components/sd-public-rest-api/pom.xml to change the parent version from something like “4.13.0” to an actual published package version like “4.13.0-REL-0022”


Run the process-classes goal using at least maven 3.6.1 for newer releases of JSD:
../apache-maven-3.6.3/bin/mvn process-classes -s /usr/share/atlassian-plugin-sdk-8.2.2/apache-maven-3.5.4/conf/settings.xml -f servicedesk-parent-pom/sd-components/sd-public-rest-api/pom.xml -Dmaven.test.skip -P release-profile

The swagger definition should be available under servicedesk-parent-pom/sd-components/sd-public-rest-api/target/site/apidocs/swagger.json

You can grab that file and feed it to the swagger/openapi client code generator of your choice.

Atlassian has moved this direction for their cloud APIs. Now that they have seen the advantages of doing so, it sure would be nice if they made openapi definitions of the self-hosted products available as well.