JSM Assets now onboarded to Atlassian’s Forge platform

Atlassian Marketplace and our community of app developers play a critical role in helping our customers get the most value out of Assets. As we continue to work through enabling import integrations for Assets in Cloud, we have just completed a major milestone by onboarding Assets to Atlassian’s Forge platform and making our import APIs available. This means that:

Apps built on Atlassian’s Forge platform can now integrate directly with the Assets UI

You can now integrate straight into the Assets UI by creating and registering your own custom import types. Find out more in our Forge integration guide for Assets https://developer.atlassian.com/platform/forge/assets-import-app

Forge apps will now comply with the Atlassian security requirements

You can now create apps without needing exceptions to the security requirements for cloud apps, which dictates that “an application must not collect or store credentials belonging to Atlassian user accounts such as user passwords or user API tokens”. You can use the Imports REST API Guide to authenticate via OAuth 2.0, with the remaining Assets APIs to be onboarded to OAuth 2.0 shortly.

Calls to Assets external imports no longer count toward Forge limits

Forge apps have strict call limits imposed - only 100 calls are allowed to be made to external services per invocation. Since Assets in Jira Service Management is now onboarded as an internal Atlassian service, calls to Assets are not counted toward that limit.

You can get started quickly by using our customised template

We’re also rolling out a template to help you get started with integrating. The template includes a manifest with all of the components needed to get started with your Assets-Forge integration. Simply update the manifest with your appId and start your built process! https://developer.atlassian.com/platform/forge/assets-import-app

Moving forward, we will continue to build out our APIs to allow for even more functionality. We are also working through guides on how to bypass some of Forge’s limitations to allow app developers to create highly scalable import apps using Forge.

Please note: Assets in Jira Service Management (a.k.a. ‘Assets’) is separate from the “External Assets platform” (About External Assets Platform ) which predates our native CMDB capability. For a full integration with Jira Service Management’s CMDB capability, we recommend integrating with Assets directly. For more information about how to develop with Assets visit our documentation.


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