JSM displayConditions


We are building out a custom ui using jiraServiceManagement:portalRequestCreatePropertyPanel to allow us to implement multi-level dynamic cascading dropdowns for a request type that we need after being unable to find a built in mechanism.

We’ve got it to the point where it’s nearly working but cannot see a way to set displayConditions for JSM in the same way you can against JIRA & Confluence.


    - key: request-create
      resource: create
        function: resolver
      viewportSize: large
        projectKey: DEVOPS

How can we use jiraServiceManagement:portalRequestCreatePropertyPanel and jiraServiceManagement:portalRequestDetail but make them only show conditionally. Ideally based on projectKey and requestType so it doesn’t show for everything.



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I have the same question… displayConditions doesn’t seem to work on Jira JSM forge apps. If I test it with a simple displaycondition: canAdministerJira: true it still shows up for every user. I’m trying to limit it to a specific portal:id and request:typeId.

Hey @PaulMowat , I have the same Issue, were you able to resolve this, or found a workaround ?