JSON import for assets failed to Load all assets in Jira insights/Assets

I am trying to import assets in Jira Assets using JSON imports. I am using the “Import data from a web address” option to import around 2000 assets in Jira Assets/insights but it fails to write all the assets in the insights database. every time I try it it’s always some random number below 2000 but never the full amount. I checked and if my link provides the correct amount of assets every time and it does so that’s not the issue. I also tried the “import JSON from a file” option and there are also Jira Fails to load all assets; sometimes it will load 1600 assets sometimes 1829 assets from the exact same JSON file. what might be the reason behind this unpredictable behavior of Jira?
I also noticed a few more weird things and I can’t find any documentation or anything on the community regarding this:

  1. how the assets will be uniquely Identified By Jira for further updating after loading assets for the first time
  2. is there any roadmap Available for Assets and upcoming features to it? when I Did the same thing for Jira on-prem it was much more refined than this with options like providing a cron expression for automatic sync process