Jumpcloud to Jira/Atlassian SSO via SAMl

Hi there
I was having a look at Admin > Security > SAML single sign-on and it states that it is only possible if we are subscribed to Atlassian Access. Is that right?
Ie. we are trying to connect to Atlassian / Jira with a SSO - and would like to login with our users Jumpcloud account as the IdP.
I see on https://support.jumpcloud.com/support/s/article/single-sign-on-sso-with-atlassian-cloud-2019-08-21-10-36-47 that it states Atlassian is currently allowing SAML for customers as an open BETA trial.
Please advise if I am reading correctly on this? And how best to approach this?
Thank you

If you are talking about Jira Cloud (not Server or DC)- then you have to sign up & pay for Atlassian Access. (There used to be an open beta of Atlassian Access in 2019 but it’s a paid service now).

Thanks for the quick reply @c.reichert It seems you are talking from experience?

Hmm ok … That is a bit of a bummer! :expressionless: Do you know of an alternative or another route to achieve this or is that the only way to get SSO between JumpCloud (Idp) and Atlassian (SP) like this?

The only SSO that Atlassian Cloud supports is Atlassian Access - no other way, I’m afraid.

Bummer. OK, thank you for your prompt responses on this and your insight, Christian.

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