JWT based API call fails for Jira only

I am developing a connect app that requests the ADMIN, READ and SPACE_ADMIN scopes that I installed on both my Jira and Confluence Cloud instances.

The API calls I make to Confluence Cloud work fine with the JWT but the API calls that I make to Jira Cloud (using the same code) fail with error 500 and suggest I file a support ticket. The error page also states a log reference: 4fb87229-a066-40a4-97d0-faea787910d9. This happened for multiple Jira API calls I tried - user/search, project/search.

Is there any pointer on what may be going wrong with the Jira calls? I verified using http://jwt-decoder.herokuapp.com/jwt/decode that the JWT was being constructed in a valid way.

One more question I had that’s related is, when making a JWT based POST API call with a JSON payload (/rest/atlassian-connect/latest/report-accounts for example), is the POST body ignored in the JWT computation?

Thanks in advance!