Key limit of storage API and maximum account id length

Hello all,

We are a bit curious about your experiences with the key limit of 100 for the storage API. Especially, we see the accountId as quite a natural key that we can use. However, according to User Privacy Developer Guide those can in theory be 128 characters long. I wonder how others have coped with this - we do use hashes of these right now as we try to be a bit paranoid. I wonder, if the restriciton could be lifted a bit to 200 or 300 characters so that at least two account ids can easily fit into a key.



Hi @EckhardMaass thanks for raising this. We have added this to the Forge public Jira board to track as a feature request: [FRGE-495] Increase key limit of storage API and maximum account id length - Ecosystem Jira

I encourage any other users having these issues to watch, comment, and vote on these FRGE tickets - it helps us prioritise work in the future.

Hi @EckhardMaass, just wanted to update you that the key length limit has been increase from 100 to 500 characters. Details of this, and other limit increase is here.

We want to thank you for your feedback and helping us improve Forge. :slight_smile:

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