Kindly requesting clarification of v1 API removal date(s)

In the discussion saga beginning with RFC-19 and then continued with both the “Major concerns” and “New deadline?” topics, a number of outstanding, time-sensitive questions remain, foremost among them being a clear statement on which Confluence Cloud v1 APIs (as identified by RFC-19) will be removed from service on January 31, 2024.

Is it:

  • All of them?
  • Some of them (and if so which ones)?
  • None of them?

Hi @bobbergman1 ,

Thank you for raising this. I have raised this with the Confluence Cloud Ecosystem team, asking for them to provide an update on the plan going forward. Hopefully you will see some comms shortly.


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With the update provided in Confluence REST API v2: Update to v1 Deprecation Timeline, I’m going to ask the community to focus on that topic so that we’re all operating on the latest update. Since so much of the community concerns were based on timing, I’m going to close this thread.

Please understand that closure is not an assertion that all questions or problems were addressed. My main concern is that we don’t fragment feedback in too many places, and that it gets to the right people. If there are outstanding questions please ask on the new topic. Or submit a v1-vs-v2 gap to developers support.

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