Kotlin dependency when using junit jupiter for unit tests

I’m putting together a very simple Merge Check plugin for BitBucket, I had the plugin loading and working great via atlas-run and atlas-debug.

Following that I started building out a suite of unit tests for which I removed all references to the default Junit package and started using the Junit-Jupiter-Api, Junit-Jupiter-Engine, and Junit-Jupiter-Params packages (the params package being the main reason for the switch).

I’ve gotten all my tests successfully passing with this new setup, except when I try to do an atlas-run now, my plugin fails to load with the error:

Unresolved constraint in bundle com.mycompany.bitbucket.plugin.myPlugin.plugin [22]: Unable to resolve 22.0: missing requirement [22.0] osgi.wiring.package; (osgi.wiring.package=kotlin)

A text search of the project folder suggested that the api and params packages have a dependency on kotlin, but my plugin has no need for it so I’ve been trying to find a way to exclude that dependency with no luck.

I’ve also tried to just import the kotlin package, but then I just get another error for a different package, so I’m wary of continuing further here as none of these packages would be used anyways.

Can anyone offer any insight on how I can get around this problem?

Also I apologize for any ignorance here; I’m a long time .NET developer that’s just been thrown into the deep end