"Labels can't have spaces or be more than 255 characters." in Forge Custom Fields after upgrading to new UI

Hi Community
After upgrading to new Create Issue UI we noticed that our custom fields are not working

- key: procedures-multiselect-cf
      name: Required multiselect field example
      description: Multiselect Field
      type: string
      collection: list
        expression: configuration.isRequired != null && value != null && value.length != 0
        errorMessage: Value shouldn't be empty
        function: multiSelectEdit
      function: multiSelectView
        function: defaultContextConfig

In the previous UI it was working.

How can I fix that? Has anyone faced this issue?

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I have the same problem. Have you find any solution?

Finally, I’ve checked it again. My custom field works in the old Jira create issue UI and does not fork in the new one…

After some research, I’ve noticed that’s a problem with the custom field type module.
These module parameters cause described error

I am also having this issue. I have a custom field type that uses the same “type: string” “collection: list” and I cannot use this field when creating new issues. The Forge app/field work fine when editing an issue.


So how do you fix it?

Hi, @BellaWen, this issue has been fixed already. Are you still experiencing it?

Yes, thanks. I fixed it.