Last chance to register for the Forge roadmap webinar

Reminder that we’ll be broadcasting the Q1 Forge roadmap webinar on March 30, 9am Central European Time. Please bring you questions for live Q&A at the end of the presentation, or you can pre-submit questions to this thread.

Register here

We have a number of topics lined up, including:

  • Forge roadmap re-prioritizations
  • Forge for Bitbucket
  • Improvements to the Forge runtime
  • Allowing unlicensed user to access Forge apps on the JSM portal
  • Jira extensibility updates
  • Complex queries and custom entities

If you can’t join live, not to worry - the session will be recorded.

See you there!


Is there an ETA on the “Complex queries and custom entities”. This is a major roadblock for many apps. Is there early access documentation?

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Can we talk to the timeline of Forge moving out of us-west from a partner perspective (this is different from a customer perspective)?


Thanks @clouless - I’ve noted your question and added it to the list :+1:

@danielwester It sounds like you are asking about the timeline for multi-region compute, as a pre-requisite to delivering data resident Forge apps for customers - is that a fair characterization of your question? I’d love to make sure I’m capturing the context properly :slight_smile:

Slightly more picky - what’s the timeline for developers/partners to be able to select the data regions for compute and storage of their data that is NOT us-west? At that point there are no customers involved.

Got it - thank you for clarifying! Added to the question list.

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