Latest Atlassian Plugin SDK not available for Linux

The latest version (8.2.7) appears to be available for Windows but not Linux as per these instructions:

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Hi @mike1, If you scroll down the page, you should be able to find the instructions on how to install the SDK on Linux OS:

Maciej Adamczak
Atlassian Developer

Yep that is what I have used. However, 8.2.2 is the most recent it offers.

I just double-checked and it looks like there is a problem on our side. The artifact for version 8.2.6 is stored in the debian repository but for some reason is not listed in the latest and version 8.2.7 is missing.

Let me get back to you in the next days.


Hi Mike, thanks for bringing this to our attention, I can confirm that I’m aware of this issue and a fix is in progress. I expect the latest version to be available the Debian/RPM repositories in the coming days.

One short term work around would be to download the .deb or .rpm file directly from the marketplace at one of the following links:


Just posting to confirm that the deb/rpm repos have been updated, although the version number is 8.2.8. Another release is coming shortly which will bring the version numbers back in line along with some other updates.