Latest GreenHopper JAVA API documentation


I’m looking for greenhopper 7.7.x api docs bu the latest I found are

The official Jira Software 7.7.1 API docs are missing grennhopper related API


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Hi Przemyslaw

The reference page I use is which gives access to lots of versions of the Jira Software API but stops at 7.3.1.
I guess this might mean that there are no updates to it since then and it is a stable API?

Looking at I can see all the methods previously linked to the Greenhopper API.

Hope this helps although it is not for the version you were looking for but should point you (and others in the future) where to look for the published API pages.


I wonder why the latests API docs are not being published anymore…

Been wondering the same thing myself for some time. I mean, the source is available through, but sometimes I want to link someone to a particular class without their having to download the source.

Hi @dmeyer,
any chance to update the documentation?


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