Launch of Issue Context Module

It seems I got sidetracked and took the CSP error failing to load surfaces.css from an Atlassian background script for our own :man_facepalming:

So, back to square one. The issue seems to be with the surface detection itself.

Below is the screenshot from Automation for Jira. They are using the approach suggested by @MitchGavan, which we are using too, but that does not work anymore and does not resolve to the correct background color.

As @Archer suggested, using background-color: inherit seems to work though.

@DanielDelCore is inherit the way to go? I believe the issue is not yet resolved.

I just noticed this again and wanted to highlight that this issue only exists if you view an issue on the board (clicking an issue opens a modal). It works correctly on /browser/<issue-key>. The general assumption seems to be that modal dialogs always have a darker background color shade. However, this should not be the case if you view an issue in the context of a dialog.

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