Left and right margins being inserted on jira:GlobalPage with blank layout

Today I found out that somehow left and right margins of 20px are getting inserted before the entry point of my jira:globalPage module even when the layout is set to blank (also tried with layout set to basic). In order to isolate the problem I disabled all of my other stylings such as @atlaskit/css-reset but the issue still persists.

Attached there are some screenshots one showing the issue and the second one showing the exact CSS rules and the div that they are getting inserted to (AFAIK the parent of my entry point that I have no control over).

Has anything changed in regard to this?


Hi @GerardMarquinaRubio ,

This seems like an unintentional bug so perhaps you’d like to report it in the public Forge project: https://ecosystem.atlassian.net/jira/software/c/projects/FRGE/boards/749.


We are facing this same problem, and now we have customers opening support tickets asking, “what happened…”, and “why did we do this…”

So @GerardMarquinaRubio - Did you find a way to solve this problem in your apps?

@dmorrow - Any additional suggestions other than opening a ticket that will likely get lost in a huge list of other issues?

Any help or direction is more than welcome.

Regards, Eduardo.

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Hi @EduardoOliveira,

@GerardMarquinaRubio created FRGE-1170: Additional margins on jira:globalPage when layout is blank. You may like to watch the issue and add any additional observations or statements about impact to it that you may have.

I don’t think there is a workaround.


No clue @EduardoOliveira ,

This is also a latent issue for our team, we have tried the following “solutions” to no avail:

  • Reinstall the app from the instance.
  • Create a different app, and use the new app id to deploy and install to the instance
  • Disable the Developer Canary Program for the instance.
  • Set layout to blank, basic and/or native and reinstall the app.

It seems that the problem is on a per-instance basis, some of our developers don’t see the margins on their personal instances.

Thanks @dmorrow

Hi @GerardMarquinaRubio - Thanks for sharing some details and raising the ticket, I’ll track from there.