'Legacy Assets' custom field will be renamed to 'External assets platform'

Hi everyone,

With the rename of Insight to Assets a couple of months ago, we also had to rename the existing Assets custom field.

We’ve listened to feedback from the Developer Community (and spoke to some of you directly) - as a result we will be revising ‘Legacy Assets’ to ‘External assets platform’, and updating the descriptor with more detail. We will also revise the native ‘Assets objects field’ descriptor to more clearly specify Jira Service Management.

To summarise:

What’s changing:

  • Custom field label:
    • Legacy Assets will be replaced with External assets platform
  • Custom field descriptor:
    • Link assets that have been made available via marketplace apps and the legacy assets platform will be replaced with Link assets that have been made available via marketplace apps on external inventory platforms outside Jira.
  • Assets objects custom field descriptor:
    • Link issues to Assets objects will be replaced with Link issues to objects in Assets for Jira Service Management.
  • Nothing else - the platform will continue to function as it does currently.

What we recommend:

  • Update any mentions of this custom field in your apps or documentation.

We’re looking at making these changes in the coming weeks and will update this post once they’re live. We’re looking to build the best tool that we can and the community here is a key part of that - so if you’re keen to talk with us at some point in the future and share your thoughts, please let us know in the comments below.

All the best,

The Jira Service Management Team


Hello all! Just an update that the changes described above will begin rolling out today.


The Jira Service Management Team

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