License for Atlaskit packages not always provided

Hi there,

I have a question regarding the licensing of Atlaskit packages. According to here, an Apache 2.0 license is provided.

However, some packages are stated “unlicensed” in npmjs, for example

  • @atlaskit/link-datasource
  • @atlaskit/pragmatic-drag-and-drop-react-indicator

This leads to a failure of our license check. Is this on purpose or was it just forgotten to license it here as well? Even if these packages are unlicensed on purpose, I assume it would be fine using those as long as I am following The Atlassian Design Guidelines

Did anyone else encounter these issues and knows more?


Hi @LinaKuhn,

@atlaskit/pragmatic-drag-and-drop-react-indicator had a missing "license" entry in it’s package.json by mistake. We are currently releasing a fix.


Hi @alexreardon

Thank you for your fast response and fix. Do you know anything about the other mentioned package, @atlaskit/link-datasource? @atlaskit/link-datasource - npm

Hi @LinaKuhn, I’ll follow up with the team that owns that package

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Hi @alexreardon ,

Unfortunately, there is a third package now that is stated unlicensed

Although this is a bit weird since there is a LICENSE file present, but still stated unlicensed.

Thank you!

Hi @LinaKuhn,

The permissive Apache 2.0 license has now been added to @atlaskit/link-datasource :tada:

I’ll follow up about the smart-* packages.


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Hi @alexreardon,

do you have any updates regarding the smart-user-picker license?

Thanks for the effort

Hi @alexreardon,

do you have any news here? We are still waiting for the smart-user-picker to get licensed.

Thank you very much!