License to use Atlaskit

Hi, can we use the Atlaskit in applications other than Atlassian addons (or apps). Eventually we will integrate with Jira using REST APIs but it will still be standalone app.
License statement here says ADG can be used for Atlassian apps only (event AUI 7.x license restricts the usage in other apps). But in Alaskit repository I see Apache2 license and even checked in different core packages, its the same Apache2 license is used.
So just wanted to confirm if we can use Atlaskit react components for applications other than addons?


I will look into this and get you clarity on this issue

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@parag I spoke to the AtlasKit Team. Yes you can use AtlasKit for projects outside of atlassian how ever the AtlasKit Logo and Icons have the ADG License. I hope that helps


Ok thanks for the info @scallahan

I’ve got some extra question in addition to that license. It is prohibited to affect components styles by css-in-js or css selectors? Im working on my own app, i’d like to customize atlaskit components in more sophisticated way than just font color or change some icon. I dont tend to fork that or develop my own library on top of atlaskit.

hi, i also want to use atlaskit into one of my projects, but seems i cannot due to their license. am i right?

really?? so i can now build my website using their design system? of course i will customize it…

Here is next.js and atlaskit example: StackBlitz

Hope it helps!