Licensing fields now available in Connect lifecycle event

Hi Atlassian Connect developers,

As part of the move to CCP billing, we’re making licensing fields more proactively available. As of today, entitlmentId and entitlementNumber will now be fields on the /installed lifecycle event for Connect cloud apps.

Example payload:

  "key": "installed-addon-key",
  "clientKey": "unique-client-identifier",
  "sharedSecret": "a-secret-key-not-to-be-lost",
  "serverVersion": "server-version",
  "pluginsVersion": "version-of-connect",
  "baseUrl": "",
  "displayUrl": "",
  "displayUrlServicedeskHelpCenter": "",
  "productType": "jira",
  "description": "Atlassian Jira at",
  "serviceEntitlementNumber": "SEN-number",
  "entitlementId": "Entitlement-Id",
  "entitlementNumber": "Entitlement-Number",
  "eventType": "installed"

The goal is to reduce the time for partners to access vital information and the number of API calls developers will need to make.

Unlike SEN (supportEntitlementNumber), which was the predecessor to these fields, entitlementId and entitlementNumber will be readily available for the relevant installation before the /install event is sent.

Please note that the addons API may still be needed for sites using our pre-CCP billing system. But as more sites transition to CCP, the relevant licensing fields delivered through the events should drastically reduce the need to rely on this endpoint.

For more details on this event and the new fields, see this documentation.


I love how Atlassian is making this sound like you’ve come up with this yourself and just ignored the countless community feedback begging you to provide these fields in the lifecycle event payload :joy:

But then again, that feedback was from early 2022, so I guess with Atlassian turnover rates there is probably nobody left who is still working on the billing engine that actually read that feedback :thinking:

Any chance in getting cloudId in there?


Thank you - this will make identifying licenses for tenants and the other way around much easier.
Could you link to the relevant documentation about the current CCP rollout plan.


Good start. And can we have…

  • an email address for the person who installed it
  • an email address for the person who requested it

This will allow timely onboarding emails


Well ok, so you add some fields to the install hook, some of which have been in the standard app license response for a long time, this may save one call back for that specific info but still, there is information missing that is still also lacking in the app license callbacks:

  • /rest/atlassian-connect/latest/license
  • /rest/atlassian-connect/latest/addons/yourappkey

The first is the legacy one, it was ‘superseded’ by the second that ended up losing ‘maximumNumberOfUsers’ from the first)

Failures in the above:

  • neither correctly identifies customers licenseType , eg Academic are referred as “COMMERCIAL”
  • neither includes the pre-paid (but as yet unused) User Tier (eg 1400 users), all we have is ‘active’ users found through ‘maximumNumberOfUsers’

Will ACE be updated to natively support this?


Is there any idea of a timeline for when everyone will be on the new CCP billing system? or at least the majority?

Just reviewing the experience now, it would be nice to be able to consistently pop a dialog at the install point so that we can guide users towards their first steps in configuring the app.

Yes, email at this point would also be amazing.

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