Licensing - How to test commercial licenses etc

Hello guys,

we are currently implementing license handling as we are planning to sell our App at the atlassian marketplace. But we got the following problem: provides several timebomb licenses, but those are flagged as developer licenses.

As we do not wont to accept any developer license in our app, we would like to know how we can create e.g. a commercial flagged license for testing purposes (see API We would also like to test with licenses each flagged with a different type to make sure, that everything is working as planned.

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Hi @christopher.nebe,

first off, I would caution you to not restrict developer licenses. I know many bigger customers use them for their staging environments. Not having developer licenses for these environments might be a good way to drive a customer to a competitor’s product that does not have this restriction. I’m also not sure if not accepting developer licenses doesn’t get you into trouble with Atlassian, especially since they need to review your app somehow.

That being said, the only way known to me to get valid production licenses is to publish the app, then create a 100% discount code for your own app and “buy” a now free license.

Having published a couple of apps already, we always just depend on the method depicted here:
It works good enough for all scenarios (trial, maintenance period, license size, etc.)