Licensing Insights for Forge App


I was wondering if it is possible to get some insights about our app. It is yet to be submitted to the Marketplace, so I want to know what would eventually be possible.

I am already aware that you can get the license status, as shown here:

But I was wondering if we can get Jira instance related info, for example info regarding first installation:

  • When was the app first installed?
  • Is the first installation a trial or licensed?

I am aware of lifecyle triggers, but I am not sure you can get the license info from the resolver backend, as it seems to be tied to the view.context.

Also things like figuring out when the first license for the app was bought as well as the number of license per Jira instance would be interesting, but I have no idea if this is possible at all.

I also cannot find any documentation regarding LicenseState.

As per the docs: it is found under the license prop, but what attributes does LicenseState have?

How does the isActive prop behave? I.e. if the app is installed as a trial, is it set to true?

In forge the api only allows for the app to be licensed or not.

You’d have to use the marketplace license report outside of that to determine something more useful.

I’m hoping that somebody at atlassian fixes this large gap between connect and forge soon.

@danielwester thanks for the reply, what about trials though? Is the app considered “licensed” during the trial period?

Hi @AbdullahTayeh and @danielwester,

It would be great if you could raise and vote on this on our public feedback board, this helps us to gauge interest and prioritise feature requests.

Thanks for the feedback,

@SamSmyth Thanks.

I would still like to know though the answer to my original question, is my app considered “licensed” during the trial period? I.e., is license.isActive then true?

If they’ve got a valid license (trial or purchased) then they’re considered an active license. The Forge api does not differentiate between the “state” of the subscription.

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