Licensing jira plugins

Hi, i have a jira server plugin and i want to publish it to atlassian marketplace, so the question is what is the best way to disable some of plugin functionality, with invalid or expired licence without inserting this kind of check everywhere

PluginLicense license = pluginLicenseManager.getLicense().get();

I want to implement something elegant and something that is hard to decompile. I know that i can use obfuscators and so on.

I know the way of disabling functionality in ScriptRunner where they unregister all modules, when licence expired and register some new modules dynamically(with atlassian-pocketknife-dynamic-modules ) Or something that is hard to decompile and change.
Maybe you can help me to implement something more complex and protected

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Looking for something which is hard to decompile, hmm -
If it is hard than there is high chance that it would not be elegant.
You could create you own validation mechanism inside license is valid.
And use it throughout the plugin. I know this doesn’t give you your answer.
But I like to follow KISS principle as atlassian developers are hard at work to manage the security thingy,
as no one wants to loose money.

I would focus on getting some traction with your add-on before you start thinking about obfuscation and anti-piracy. I don’t think anyone will spent time decompiling your add-on if they can simply benefit from infinite evaluation licenses.