Lifecycle event domain different from macro URL domain

I want to have life cycle endpoints on a different domain than the macro URL domain. For example

Macro URL:

Installed callback :

Actually for my app, the API server is different from the resource server. The resource server serves HTML/js/css. Once the frontend is loaded from the resource server, it makes a request to the API server.

I am integrating the same app as connect macro. I am curious if the connect supports that.


Connect does not support the model you describe. The assumption that your app has 1 baseUrl is rather deeply woven into the security model of Atlassian Connect.

I am adding more info about what I tried, for other users who might have similar requirements

  • Send a small html from the API server. That html redirects to resource domain by setting window.location = “res_url”
  • API server responds with status code of 301 or 302 and point location to resource server

The above two did not work. The window.AP object did not initialize properly in the redirected page

Then I ended up revery proxying the resource files at API server. That means when the API server receives the request for the resources, it fetches from resource server and serves. This is not a great solution with works for now. I did not want my API server to own the html/js/css which I achieved by doing this. I am node at backend and used express-http-proxy module to reverse proxy.