Limit placed on start parameter in Get Content API endpoint

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We will be limiting the maximum value of the Get Content operation’s start parameter to 15,000 from Oct 18, 2022 onward. We’re doing this to provide consistent performance from the operation, as our databases cannot currently handle the load put on by high offsets, and are looking into more permanent solutions than the offered alternatives in the future. Please have a look at the changelog for more details.


Thanks for the heads up @PreethiK! The changelog states this:

If you use the Get Content operation with a start value over 15,000, and cannot reduce the value, consider using the Search content by CQL operation (/wiki/rest/api/content/search?cql=id!=0 ) or retrieving content by space instead.

I’m not sure I understand what is meant by “or retrieving content by space instead”. Does this refer to using the same Get Content endpoint but supplying the spaceKey parameter?

Does this mean that the Get Content endpoint won’t be able to handle spaces with more than 15,000 (+ maximum possible value of limit) pages?

If that is the case, I think the above cited warning from the changelog should also make it into the description of the Get Content endpoint, so that this is immediately obvious to any developer wanting to use this endpoint.


I see, this is likely referring to the Get content by space endpoint. Will the start parameter for this endpoint also be limited or will this endpoint still be able to handle spaces with more than 15,000 pages?


Hi Sven! Thanks for commenting. Yes, that is the correct endpoint to use. For now, we don’t plan on setting a limit for retrieving content for a space.


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Hi all,

We have released an experimental version of our v2 Confluence REST API. Some endpoints offered in the initial release include Get all pages and Get all blogposts . These implement a cursor-based pagination approach that will allow you to iterate through content at faster speeds and may be suitable for your use case. For more information, please reference our other post on it at Release of v2 Confluence REST API for Pages and Blogposts (Experimental).

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