Linking java code to plugin


I’m attempting to create a plugin which will reside in JIRA ( I want a button within the Software board). The program consumes the available REST apis of JIRA and Confluence which I execute within my main method.

I’ve looked through quite a bit of documentation and can’t seem to figure out how to connect the button to the java code. Currently, I created a new atlassian plugin skeleton, displayed a button on the top nav bar (just to make the button’s intended functionality work…), however I think I’m missing something.

The documentation/tutorials provided are helpful, however I think I’m missing something. This is my first plugin (other than the basic hello world). Any help is appreciated.


So you click the button and something happens in the background somewhere? Is there a response back to the user? I feel like this needs to fleshed out a bit more.

So I think the answer is ‘javascript’. you need an onClick handler that calls your service, wherever it’s running. maybe look at web-resource plugin modules.

Yes- when the user clicks the button, something in the background happens. I could have a popup screen displaying some content information.

Yea, I was looking into the web-resource plugin modules yesterday.

Thanks, Justin

Usually I expose whatever I need to endpoints via a REST Service and then I call GET/POST/PUT or whatever from the front-end javascript.