Linking to a page in Fabric editor generates link to Draft

We’ve been seeing some odd behavior regarding page linking (with the /link command).

If you’re adding a page link in the Fabric editor with the /link command it generates the link fine - unless you’re editing the page in the same session somewhere (a different tab you’ve forgotten about perhaps).

Then it will show the page title but the link will be the “resume draft” link, e.g. https://<instance>/wiki/pages/resumedraft.action?draftId=302055439

I can’t imagine a situation where that would ever be useful - the user is clearly intending to link to the latest published version. On top of that, if other users click on the link they are redirected to the page in edit mode.

I checked in the legacy page editor and it does not behave the same: it links to published versions rather than drafts.


See this exact behaviour in our instance. It is causing a lot of heartache here as links to approved policies and procedures are opening in edit mode and emails are getting generated when people inadvertently publish the page.
What is the fix for this?
It there a good way to audit a confluence space and see where these “resume draft” links have been inserted?