Links, avatars and scrollbars within the Custom UI iframe


I am currently trying to develop a custom ui plugin for jira cloud. I came across a few problems, for which I unfortunately cannot find a solution.

In my plugin i show the names of users, which should be a link to the respective profile. Since the iframe has no allow-top-navigation flag I think it is unfortunately not possible to include such a link.
It is similar with pictures. As described in the documentation, it is only possible to use the style-src CSP header. To load an avatar, the img-src header is still needed.
Also, the iframe always seems to have the same size. If the content is larger, the iframe becomes automatically scrollable. This can look quite unattractive in many cases. Here I did not find a way to avoid this.
I have built the plugin before with atlassian connent. Also here the content is put into an iframe. But the listed problems do not occur there.
Please let me know if i have overlooked possibilities or misunderstood functionalities.

Thanks in advance!

Hey @AnnaHbner,

Thanks for providing this feedback, I don’t think you are missing anything as it’s not possible in custom UI today.

I have taken this feedback to my team who is actively working on custom UI improvements :slight_smile: