List and accepts repository invites with Bitbucket API v2

Is it possible to list and accept pending invites using Bitbucket’s API? All the information I found so far about this points towards API v1 and when I try to use I get a message that it is no longer supported.

Hi @EduardoTavarez,

Welcome to CDAC and thanks for your question. Unfortunately we don’t have any v2 API endpoints which allow you to list a users pending invites / or allows you to accept them. And you are correct, all our v1 APIs have been removed.

I suggest, if you’re interested in it, to add a new post on CDAC requesting an API to list / accept invitations. Maybe something like 2.0/user/invitations or something like this. If it gets enough community traction it could get implemented in the future.

Sorry I can’t be of more help.