List of all the fields available in a JIRA Service Desk

We were trying to find out all the field types that are supported in Jira Service Desk. But we couldn’t find any article about this topic. So using the API, we were hitting various forms and finding out the fields. Currently, we have found this set of fields:

Standard Fields:

  1. summary
  2. description
  3. attachment
  4. duedate
  5. priority
  6. components

Custom Fields:

  1. textfield
  2. textarea
  3. multicheckboxes
  4. radiobuttons
  5. datetime
  6. datepicker
  7. select
  8. float
  9. url
  10. cascadingselect
  11. labels
  12. multiselect
  13. userpicker
  14. multiuserpicker
  15. grouppicker
  16. multigrouppicker
  17. multiversion
  18. readonlyfield

By using this method there is always a fear of missing out on some field. So we were wondering if there is a document about all the fields? Or is there any other method by which we can find out all the fields?

Welcome to the Atlassian developer community @DevdootMaji,

I think you have conflated 2 different things here. Your “standard fields” are like “keys” and your “custom fields” are like values. The different context makes it hard to understand why you need an exhaustive list of either.

For field types, you can refer to user documentation:

As it happens, all the fields available to the Jira platform are also available to Jira Service Management. In the other direction, Jira Service Management has some additional ones, like for Assets. There isn’t an exhaustive list of field types because products and apps can create their own. Fun, right!?! :wink:

Maybe you can explain a bit more about what you are trying to accomplish. Why do you need to know all the field types a priori?

Thank You, the link that you shared answers all the questions I had.

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