List of Jira Issue Keys

Does anyone have a link to list of the all the pre-defined built-in Jira Issue Keys?

I need to make use of these for some integration I would like to do. All I need is to know the correct technical name to use, the one that the Jira application will depend on being exactly what it is.

Hello @ajcatwork

There are no lists of any ‘pre-defined’ or ‘built-in’ issue keys. Issue keys are generated sequentially, per Issue, for each Project, and are based on the Project Key.

Google ‘jira issue keys’ to know more about them and how they are generated.

Yeah get now. Was thinking of something else, yet turns out the what I’m integrating with is not very sophisticated.

I was looking for the key names for fields in Jira issues as I wanted to filter the integration on some of these, though looks like it can’t do that :disappointed:. I, and most around me, tend to colloquially refer to “issue keys” as “issue id” as they and we identify issues using them.