List of JIRA javascript modules (AMD)

Hi Guys,

Trying to refactor my add-on to get rid of the deprecation warnings. I found some of the modules I need by browsing the code but I could not find a list of the modules and their API anywhere. I did find some references to AMD modules in Bitbucket and Stash doc but nothing concrete.

Does a list of JIRA javascript modules exist anywhere?

For example, instead of using JIRA.bind, one needs to require the ‘jira/util/events’ module and use it’s bind function. Found that by browsing the code but there should be an official doc somewhere.



I doubt there are any docs for JavaScript. After couple mistakes I try to do not depend on any JIRA/Confluence JavaScript. But sometimes you have to and searching through JS is the only way.

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Then they should output the deprecation warnings only when such documentation exists :slight_smile:

Thanks for the answer, I will at least get rid the one about JIRA.bind and Those modules were easy to find and use.

Hi, can you tell me where you found information on these modules? Also, have you found any information on JEP FSM module? (the one that received notifications when a user switches from visual to text editting or vice versa).

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Didn’t find any doc anywhere. I simply found what I wanted by looking at the deprecation warnings, searching the source code and browsing the different packages in the Chrome dev tools. Then you look at the import statements and you pull on another thread :slight_smile: