List of screens from REST api

It does not appear to be possible to get a list of screens (or their IDs) through the JIRA Cloud Rest API, despite there being a large number of endpoints for working with fields and screens.

Have I missed something or are there plans for adding a method such as GET /rest/api/2/screens/availableScreens soon?

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There’s not currently a method and no plans to add one. We’re investing heavily in rethinking both how project configuration works on JIRA Cloud and the UX of the issue view itself. Obviously, the primary point of overlap between these two is “screens”.

We have plans to deliver a new experience that is both more user friendly and also backed by a new API that’s more developer friendly (so that you don’t have to worry about getting all the screens, then seeing which screens are used by which screen schemes, and then which issue type screen schemes use which screen schemes, and then which projects use which issue type screen schemes…hope you get why we want to improve this).

The reality is that in order to get to that future state faster, we aren’t going to invest much time in exposing new capabilities in the current experience. Apologies for the disappointing news. I’m looking forward to sharing more about our future plans in the coming months.

Dave Meyer
JIRA Product Management


Any chance you can answer a question: What does this mean for screen configuration for JIRA Server? Will it also see a similar experience change?

@sfbehnke the experience I’m referring to is only targeted at JIRA Cloud. As you might be aware, we introduced some improvements to editing workflows for project admins in JIRA Server 7.3, but I’m not fully aware what their roadmap is in this area for future versions.

Oh I understand Dave, I just eat up all the news I can possibly find about the direction JIRA is headed. We use it so heavily where I work today.

It’s been over one year since the thread is active.
Is there any progress in the issue.
The lack of endpoint that provides an ability a listing screens is one of the major gap that prevents us to manage JIRA configuration as a code.

Hi, @tomasz.urbanski,

We added the API to get all screens some time ago: GET /rest/api/3/screens

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That’s a good news.
Do I imply correctly that V3 API is issued on the Cloud platform only?
If YES, what is an approach recommended for on-premises instances?
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Yes, this resource is available only on Jira Cloud.

On Jira Server you can write your own plugin that provides any REST API you need.

I’ve added something super basic for Jira Server. Feel free to use or fork.

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I need to retrieve screen fields mainly to get their order (create or edit meta returns fields out of order). To do that I need Get all screen tab fields (/rest/api/3/screens/{screenId}/tabs/{tabId}/fields) REST API. But I can’t find a way to resolve screenId by screenScheme. Is it possible to resolve screenId by screenScheme or by issueType for a project?

Hi @dzagorovsky,
Let’s take a look at Get issue type screen scheme items and Get issue type screen scheme item.
I think it’s exactly what you need.