Listing Forge App as Paid by Vendor on Marketplace

Hi there,

We have created a Forge App that we want to publish with a Paid by Vendor License.
However, when given the option, there are only two choices:

and if we add the licencing on the manifest
then the only option is

On the other side, oauth apps can select the option

Why is this and how can we designate a Forge app as Paid by Vendor ?

I’m assuming this is for Jira?

Forge for Jira and Confluence apps can’t be paid via vendor unless you get written approval by Atlassian

Apps for which end users pay all fees to Marketplace Partner (not Atlassian). Paid-via-Vendor Apps may only be Software Apps for Server deployments. Paid-via-Vendor Apps may not be Cloud Apps, Data Center approved Apps, or any Apps you develop using Atlassian Connect, unless Paid-via-Atlassian Apps is not available for that product or is otherwise permitted by Atlassian in writing. For Paid-via-Vendor Apps, you provide your own license keys directly to the end user. Depending on the settings you select, end users will either download these Apps directly from you or will be able to download the Apps from Atlassian before navigating to your website or otherwise contacting you directly to purchase license keys.