Listing paid forge app in the atlassian marketplace

I created a simple Confluence Cloud App using forge, deployed to development, deployed to staging and production. I followed the steps here to now try and make my app listable in the marketplace: until: “Once deployed, you won’t be able to install the app from the production environment until your Marketplace listing is approved.”
Which results in “Error: Failed to license app for product confluence because this app has not been configured to support this product” when running “forge install -e production”

After that i went to the marketplace → manage vendor account → Create App → Forge App , but i ecountered “No Forge Apps available” so as suggested i went to the developer console to change the Distribution status to Public but it throws an error whenever i try to save my changes as you can see in the attached image.

What exactly am i missing out or what am i doing wrong in order to list my App in the atlassian marketplace?

Hi @MusaRochi thanks for reaching out. The issue you encountered when editing distribution controls was caused by your privacy policy url. When I tried curl -I -X GET it gave me status code 403 and thus failed the validation on privacy policy url field. Could you pls try to use a privacy policy url which returns 200 in this case?

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Hi FeiyangYe ,
Thanks for reaching out,

Do you have any idea what the requirements are for the privacy policy page, or where i can find them? Since i thought the webpage only has to be viewed by visiting the page which works fine.