Loading gif file with web-resource

Hi all,
I have been trying to load and present a gif file on my plugin’s main page with no success so far.

My Pom.xml contains the following

  <web-resource key="jira-server-plugin-resources" name="jira-server-plugin Web Resources">
        <resource type="download" name="jira-server-plugin.css" location="/css/jira-server-plugin.css"/>
        <resource type="download" name="jira-server-plugin.js" location="/js/jira-server-plugin.js"/>
        <resource type="download" name="sample.js" location="/images/sample.js" />
        <resource type="download" name="mygif.gif" location="/images/mygif.gif">
        <param name="content-type" value="image/png" />

And my Velocity file contains the line
However when I load the page I only see .js and .css files in the chrome filesystem

Please advise what can I do in order to load the gif and access it through my JS code