Login and Logout webhook events are not firing for confluence cloud


Login and Logout webhook events are not firing in confluence cloud via a ngrok listening at port 3000.

I’ve defined webhook module in descriptor and added 3 events

"webhooks": [
    "event": "page_created",
    "url": "/pages/created"
    "event": "logout",
    "url": "/rest/logout",
    "excludeBody": false
    "event": "login",
    "url": "/rest/login",
    "excludeBody": false
"scopes": ["READ"]

and the corresponding routes

app.post('/rest/logout', function(req,res){
    console.log("***********Logout called!! **************");

app.post('/rest/login', function(req,res){
    console.log("***********Login called!! **************");

app.post('/pages/created', function(req,res){
    console.log("***********page created!! **************");

Am i missing anything here?

page_created event works fine but not login and logout.

Appreciate any pointers.


For anybody looking at this : Here’s an update from DEV support

We finally got the answer from the engineering team, those webhooks were removed about a year and a half ago. The docs we never updated. We are in talks with the documentation team to update the docs.

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If so, is there an api that can implement these functions other than webhook?

We have to intercept the login event.