Login blocked from a fired developer

We had a problem that our SW Architects left the company and before he did, he blocked all accounts and put 2FA for his account, so even with acess to his email, we cant recover the account. We are in touch with Attlassian support, but so far no help. The complete company is now blocked from all work for 3+ days.

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Oh my! That sounds like a terrible situation. Is this Jira Server/Data Center or Cloud? If you’re on-prem, there might be some Jira expert admins would could help get in through direct access to the server and the database. You’ll have better luck finding those in the user community. For Cloud, Atlassian support really is the only path.

Have support been completely unresponsive? Or is it just back and forth that is taking so long?

First two days we got general responses, which were not helping. Now we got a response that we have to wait. Every response takes some much time.


Could you DM me your issue number? I’ll see what I can do.

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JST-961112 and CA-2782550, we are a small company, but totally screwed now. Thanks for any kind of help.