Looking for a set of sample Jira ticket that are well written

I’m looking for a set of sample Jira tickets we can download or view (on web page) that are well documented. There are a couple ways I could think about:

  1. somehow find a directory of open source projects and gather a list of them
  2. make some sort of api call that provides this info?
    any advice is greatly appreciated.

Welcome to the Atlassian developer community @BijanShahrokhi,

That’s not quite enough to go on. Can you say more about what you are trying to do with these “well documented” sample issues? Is it testing? Machine learning? Something else?

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Yes it’s for machine learning. We are building an app on top of Jira to automate creating a draft of jira tickets from product design files. So, ideally having a set of good examples will help us better train our model.


I don’t know about other people, but the only “good examples” for me are the ones I wrote. It’s the same way that it’s awkward to text from some else’s cell phone because the autocomplete was trained by someone else.

That said, I think your 1st idea is probably the best for bootstrapping your idea. The 2nd idea is not particularly feasible since customers are rather sensitive about other people accessing their issues.

Best of luck though. It sounds like a cool idea.

Thank you for the information. I have a follow up question on this:
Is there a way to view the jira tickets for open source projects?
I remember back when I was working on an open source project, jira has the option to make the tickets and activities in our project public.


If you have access to the UI, then you should have access to the API too. There may be exceptions, since each Jira site belongs to the open source project, so they can “lock down” APIs by means of allow-listing. And, may of the older open source projects that use Jira may still be on Jira Server, not Jira Cloud. Between the 2 facts, there isn’t 1 way to view all the Jira tickets for open source tickets through 1 API.

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