Looking for developers to interview for their thoughts and ideas on performance of their plugins

Hi there,

I am Vinoth a UX designer at Atlassian. I am planning to conduct a set of user interviews about performance testing with our customers. This is a part of process in which we will deliver performance testing framework/tool to the public. The interview will be about how do you do performance testing in your company and also what are your needs and expectations with respect to Jira performance. If you have time, do you mind me reaching out to you or you can write to me at vkumar@atlassian.com and I will schedule a meeting with you.

Here’s an email that you can copy and send it to me. (I know writing emails can be a pain sometimes :slight_smile: )

Title: Jira performance testing interview
Hi Vinoth,

I’m reaching out to you from your post in the Atlassian developer community. I am working at _______ as a ________ and I would like to have a chat with you on performance testing Jira and give you my ideas and feedback on the same.

Add this if you have done performance testing: I have done performance testing before and would like to share my experience and knowledge with you.

Add this if you would like to give only feedback on Jira performance: I have not done performance testing before but I would like to give my opinions and feedback on Jira performance.


Hope this helps you. I look forward to talking to you, have a great day.

Vinoth Kumar

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