Looking for lessons learned / best practices for SaaS app <-> JIRA integration

We are planning out an integration between our SaaS app and our customers’ JIRA instances (both Cloud and on-prem). Does anyone have lessons learned and best practices resources for these sorts of operations:

  • Reading JIRA data from a 3rd party server (our SaaS app): Getting title, status, description, assignee, etc.
  • Creating JIRA tickets in a specified project from a 3rd party server (our SaaS app)
  • Syncing data between JIRA and 3rd party server (our SaaS app)

I’ve read through the documentation but would definitely benefit from talking to someone who has done these things before.

If anyone who has done this has any suggested resources or would be willing to exchange emails/DMs/phone call, I’d be really grateful.