Looking for maintainers to RTL Macro

This Confluence Server plugin Shelly Goldblit / ConfluenceTinyMCE-DirectionalityPlugin · GitLab was developed 4 years ago and should now be updated so it can be used with Confluence 8.
Any help is welcome.

Hello @ShellyNizri

That open source plugin has probably been abandoned for a good reason… it’s been superseded by the commercial RTL plugins by Methoda.

It seems like Shelly is the maintainer of the app but perhaps no longer has the time or impetus to keep the app updated. If the app still has users, it’s possible this could be a good opportunity for someone to contribute to opensource software to keep this free app working! :slight_smile:

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Hello @sfbehnke

Are you saying that the OP to this question is the developer Shelly Goldbit?

If so, then sorry @ShellyNizri , I though you were just some random person asking for someone to take over another dev’s project.

Yes, yes it’s me, changed my last name a few ears back…