Looking for some marketplace apps Forge app using Entity property storage

Hi all,

I’m looking for any Forge app using Entity property storage and searching for sample app but cannot found.

Please help to share some Forge apps which are using Entity property storage. Many thanks!


Is an example app we have that uses storage.


Thanks for your response!
But the app is facing some issue, I cannot use the app and my friends have the same issue

Hi @Thanhbosua
We have another example app that uses storage api, however it’s not an official one: Bitbucket . Let me know if this app works fine for you.
Also thank you for notifying us that forge-issue-health app doesn’t work properly. We will investigate it.


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Hello @Thanhbosua ! If you are still interested in the Issue Health app it is now fixed and you can check it out :slight_smile:

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thanks @KamilRichert and @PawelRacki :wink: