Looking for ways to hide project specific custom fields using a Jira plugin

We are looking for ways to hide project specific custom field using a Jira plugin. We want to provide this functionality to Jira project admins so that we don’t need to specify a behavior every time there is a requirement to hide a custom field. We were looking for any REST API that would help us in updating show/hide flag for custom fields. We are open to any other solutions as well as long as they don’t involve writing behaviors every time.

Is there a way in which we can implement Behavior functionality for hiding custom field using Jira Plugin built on Atlassian SDK in Java?


Any update on this?


can you write more clearly what you mean “hide project specific custom field”?, from screen?, from field configuration? or maybe hide CF value in specific context?, other?

Hi @adam.labus ,

Thanks for your reply. We are looking to provide a functionality in our custom Jira plugin using which project admins can decide to hide a custom field from all screens where ever the concerned custom field is added in the corresponding project.
Using behaviors in Jira we can hide the custom fields and map the behavior either to a specific project or to all projects globally.
But we are looking to automate this process using our custom plugin. Is there any REST API that can help us to hide a custom field for all the screens in a given project?


i can give you a tip how to delete a project or update the projects list from field configuration using a custom rest api and/or other app (reference to
Atlassian Documentation - https://confluence.atlassian.com/adminjiraserver/associating-field-behavior-with-issue-types-938847262.html please check this custom rest api https://it-lab-site.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/EFJ/pages/120389638/Custom+fields) but i am not sure if it is enough?. This custom field will be still visible on screens in project/workflows configuration but invisible for all end users (it can have an impact on the business process if you use this field in workflow, scripts etc.)

Removing fields from screens is quite a challenge and I don’t know the built-in restapi that allows this

Adam Labus

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