Lost configuration gagdet Save/Cancel button after update to Jira 8.13.1

After upgrading Jira from version 8.13.0 to 8.13.1 when I access the gadget settings, the Save and Cancel buttons do not appear.

No error appears in the browser console either.

Jira 8.13.0 gadget configuration:

Jira 8.13.1 gadget configuration:

That could be happening?

Thanks in advance

Is this a Gadget installed from marketplace?


No, it is uploaded manually.

I have added the following in the ALL_ALL.xml file and button text already appear

<msg name="gadget.common.configure">Configure</msg>
<msg name="gadget.common.save">Save</msg>
<msg name="gadget.common.cancel">Cancel</msg>

Is it correct to do this? or is there any other way to do it?