Macro id changes when rendered via Include / Excerpt macro in Confluence Cloud Legacy mode?

Hello All,
Asking for insights or similar cases here.
One of our customers have our macro injected in a page with Excerpt macro. After a migration from server to Cloud, the page has landed in Legacy mode as it contains macros that can be embedded (contains body) (logic of Group of Tabs)
Still when the original page (containing the Excerpt macro) is called in a second page containing an include (also migrated from server and viewed in Legacy mode)
The macro ids changes for the same macro in the original page and the page containing the include… This breaks all the logic for us to get the macro content as it’s not found when it’s rendered in include.
Do one of you has a similar case or have a documentation / issue open about it?
Many thanks for your help

IIRC, the macro ID is not a unique identifier, and can even change when a macro is updated through the editor. You should not rely on the macro ID except in a direct API call with the current version of the macro.

Hey Remie
Thanks for the quick reply!
Actually this is the point, we are using the REST API where based pageID, PageVersion and macroID we are trying to get macro’s body.
I think the problem is coming from the include macro. The macros are working well when injected and rendered in page directly but the ID changes when they are rendered via the include macro.
Please note this is not working only in Legacy mode, in new editor things are working fine.